One Word Suggestion: Intro

Welcome to One Word Suggestion. If you have no idea what improv is, or why it's good for you (even if you're not funny or don't think you are), listen to this first.

Welcome to One Word Suggestion

Hosted by: Eran Thomson

Thanks for checking out the show notes. 

This podcast is intentionally short and sweet, so don't expect too much from the notes. We will, of course, share links and details of things discussed in individual episodes as appropriate - and that's about it. 

The main thing to know is every episode of this show starts with a one word suggestion, and there's no reason the next word shouldn't come from you.

As long as its not "dildo." 

So give us your best, and in the meantime, thanks for listening.

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The ideas, observations, and perspectives shared here are mine alone.
I’d love to hear yours or get your one word suggestion in the comments, or better yet, in a review.

To Andrew Wowk, Happy Feraren, Floyd Alexander-Hunt and Susan Zheng for lending me their voices for the intro. And to all the Teachers and Students at LMA and Facilitators at LMA Professional Development for being a part of, and continually building, an awesome community.

Welcome to the One Word Suggestion podcast. 

I’m Eran Thomson and just like most improv shows start with a one-word suggestion from the audience, each episode of this series will use a single word as a leaping off point to explore some of the philosophies of long-form improv and the positive impact they can have on and off stage.

For those of you who don’t already know, improvisational comedy is a form of theatre in which everything that happens during the performance is made up on the spot. The characters, plot, setting, and all other aspects of the story are created in the moment, and will never be repeated again. 

Skilled performers make it look easy, but improv can takes years of training, practice, and stage time. And while the curriculum being taught in classes and rehearsals is specific to improv, the underlying principles can all be applied to both your personal and professional life – and, if practised, can lead you to an existence that is more engaging, more fulfilling, and just generally happier. 

I have seen first hand at our schools in Sydney and Melbourne, and through the corporate work we do across the Asia Pacific region, how, through this training, people do more than just develop their inner funny bone. They transform as humans into bigger, better, truer - more authentic versions of themselves often gaining entirely new levels of confidence, self-respect, and joy along the way.

You'll be better at listening, being in the moment, thinking on your feet, going after the things you’re most afraid of, and learning how to be a better person to those around you. All of these things are crucial for success on stage, but also crucial for success at pretty much every job that exists. So applying what we teach in the real world can be extremely powerful. And our professional development programs will help you do exactly that - it’s not just giggles and games - and if you want to learn more click here.

So for now, this series is designed to give you a small taste of how improv can help everyone – even those of us who are a little more shy, be more successful at life and work, as communicators, collaborators, innovators, leaders, and of course, performers. 

And while a 3 minute podcast will never come close to delivering the full classroom or workshop experience, it is my hope that  by listening you will be inspired to get yourself into a class or book a corporate training workshop for your team so that we can all live more authentic, meaningful lives, and thrive together as a thoughtful, empowered, and yes, sometimes, hilarious community.

I’ll be releasing a new episode every week, so please do subscribe, follow, like, share and all that jazz. And if you want to suggest a word for the next episode, let us know in the comments.

Thanks for listening. 

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