One Word Suggestion: Balance

I probably shouldn’t be saying this because we’re still building the improv community here in Australia, but there is more to life than improv.

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This week's word is: Balance

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Hey welcome to One Word Suggestion, 

I’m your host Eran Thomson and this week’s word is… Balance.
Welcome to the podcast, for those of you who don’t already know, every week I take one word, suggested by you, and use it as a leaping off point to explore the benefits of improv as they relate to life on and off the stage.
This week’s word, “balance” was suggested by Georgina.
I probably shouldn’t be saying this because we’re still building the improv community here in Australia, but there is more to life than improv. 
On his blog “Improv Nerd,” Jimmy Carrane says “doing things outside of improv only makes you a better improviser.” 

And I agree. Get out there and try stand up, storytelling, clowning, rock climbing, finger painting… anything. 
The point is, if you’re all improv, all the time, there’s a chance your life could be a bit out of balance.
The fact that Jimmy has a successful blog called Improv Nerd should tell you something about how fanatical people can get about it. Especially in America, and in particular, Chicago - the birthplace of long-form improv. 
Chicago has tons of theatres and there are more shows than you can possibly see every night of the week. And there’s an exponentially expanding list of places to play, and watch friends play. 
In fact, I’m pretty sure “Hey you coming to my improv show?” has replaced “Hey, yo!” as the local greeting.
If you’re not careful, improv can overtake your life and consume you. Ask any Chicagoan how many friends they’ve “lost” to improv. 
It’s not all bad. After all, I wouldn’t be running an improv comedy school or improv based corporate training business if I didn’t believe in the power of improv to positively transform and improve people’s lives. 
The point is, doing other things besides improv will give you a rich library of perspectives and experiences that you can draw from on stage and in life.  
And by joining or studying other cultures, subcultures, or just people watching, you will fill the well with things you can draw upon to make your improvised characters richer and more interesting to watch. 
In Australia, the long-form improv scene is just beginning to bloom. We don’t yet enjoy the same level of, or exposure to, improv as they do in cities like Chicago, New York, or LA, but I’m working on it. 
The school continues to enjoy organic growth and our amazing community of students and teachers continues to pursue their passion in a way that never ceases to inspire me.
Who knows? Maybe one day we’ll have shows every night of the week, and “Hey you coming to my improv show?” will replace “G’day mate” as the local greeting. 
Until then, in the unlikely event you’re suffering from improv burnout, remember that it’s OK to take breaks and keep the balance.
Just come back, because we’ll miss you.
So that’s my take on balance. Thanks for the great suggestion, Georgina.
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Thanks for listening. 
The ideas, observations, and perspectives shared here are mine alone. 
I’d love to hear yours in the comments, or better yet in a review.

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