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One Word Suggestion: Ankle

Basketball players wear high tops and gymnasts use lots of tape, but less demanding activities, like the ones you do around the office, require a different, but equally important, type of support.

One Word Suggestion: Hippos

If a cocaine sniffing hippo starts chasing you, run in a zig-zag because they can only run in a straight line. If an improviser chases you, stay where you are, say "yes, and..." and see what happens.

One Word Suggestion: Parasite

Do you have parasites at the office? People who take credit for other people's efforts, or who bring snacks and coffee to meetings, but never share any ideas? Improv can help.

One Word Suggestion: Parachute

Use your fear as a divining rod. Do what makes you uneasy. Do the thing that scares you most, and discover new things about yourself. Just do it safely.

One Word Suggestion: Firetruck

Even if you plan for a bushfire, it is not going to go to plan. When the wind changes direction there has to be a new plan. And when plans fail, you must improvise.

One Word Suggestion: Pineapple

If you're the kind of person who sometimes comes across as a bit prickly on the outside, but the people who know you think you're sweet, you might be a "social pineapple."

One Word Suggestion: Freedom

After 8 years of trying, last week I finally broke into prison. We went in hoping to help inmates find some joy and arm themselves with tools for survival on the outside. I don't know if we succeeded.

̶O̶n̶e̶ ̶ Two Word Suggestion: Happy Holidays!

I'm taking a couple of weeks off - hopefully you are too. Have a great holiday. One Word Suggestion will be back in January 2020.

One Word Suggestion: Lipstick

Lipstick, in improv terms, is essentially “yes, anding” your face. Accepting the reality and building on it, working with what you have to make something even better.

One Word Suggestion: Pizza!

Improv teaches you to take risks. Trying new things on a pizza, the stakes are low. But on the job, we tend not to take risks at all because if things go wrong, we get burned.

One Word Suggestion: Authenticity

You can always tell when you see or meet someone who is truly authentic and living comfortably and openly with who they are. And usually, they’re our most favourite people to be around.

One Word Suggestion: Teamwork

Get what you want, not by trying to be bossy, funny or cool, but by doing what's necessary to make your whole group look good instead of just worrying about yourself.

One Word Suggestion: Uncertainty

Ambiguity is not something to be feared but a given… We never have complete and perfect information. The best way to succeed in life is to revel in ambiguity.

One Word Suggestion: Watching

Our ability to observe people and situations and translate those observations into useful opportunities for personal growth and development is wonderful. So are sunglasses.

One Word Suggestion: Mindfulness

People have become so preoccupied with themselves and their phones they're not only becoming less mindful, they're becoming dangerously mindless.

One Word Suggestion: Criticism

If people keep telling you that you have a tail, sooner or later, you’re gonna have to turn around and take a look.

One Word Suggestion: Courage

For those of you out there who feel like a lack of courage is holding you back from living the truly good days you wish for, I’m here to tell you, fear is an illusion.

One Word Suggestion: Acceptance

People who say “no” live in the comfort and security of their own world. People who say “yes” go on to live lives filled with glorious adventure.

One Word Suggestion: Listening - Part 2

If you want to be more than just a passive listener, then you need to practice being an active listener. This means using more than just your ears.

One Word Suggestion: Assholes

I was going to write this suggestion off as inappropriate and off-topic, but the reality is all of us probably know or work with at least one person who is, in fact, an asshole.

One Word Suggestion: Panic

We’ve all probably experienced panic at some stage in our life. And the first thing to do if you start to panic - in any situation - is to just breathe.

One Word Suggestion: Success

Sometimes we get caught up in the trappings of success only to realise later in life that the things we thought would make us feel successful don't define it for us at all.

One Word Suggestion: Balance

I probably shouldn’t be saying this because we’re still building the improv community here in Australia, but there is more to life than improv.

One Word Suggestion: Intelligence

Most of the time when we think of intelligence we probably think of I.Q. tests, Stephen Hawking, or pipe smoking professors, but there’s more to intelligence than just being good at science and math.

One Word Suggestion: Teachers

The point is, to be great at anything you have to keep learning. Always. And to be a great teacher you have to be a good student. Always.

One Word Suggestion: Stereotypes

I might get some pushback for this, but I’m gonna say that the reason stereotypes exist, and persist, is because they are based in some amount of truth.

One Word Suggestion: Connections

All of us want to connect with others and find the easily found common ground. And when we realise we’re all more alike than we are different, it feels really, really good.

One Word Suggestion: Insults

The truth is, putting other people down will not make you look better. In fact, putting other people down only makes you look worse.

One Word Suggestion: Focus

Learning to pay attention to whoever or whatever is directly in front of you will greatly improve your performance on stage - and at work, no matter what it is you do for a living.

One Word Suggestion: Sincerity

Along with patience and compassion, sincerity is one of those qualities we all probably wish we had more of — or at least wish other people had more of.

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